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Bulk Fiber Dispensers

Our Batch and Continuous Bulk Dispensers are designed for Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt, Ready Mix Concrete, Pre-Cast Concrete, and Custom Applications with a wide range of feed rates and accuracy.
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Improves Employee Safety - Eliminate the need to climb ladders
    and manually add the fiber.
  • Can Reduce Workers Compensation Costs
  • Improves Fiber Disbursement
  • Improves Inventory Tracking
  • Improves Customer Documentation
  • Reduces the Opportunity for Mistakes
  • Dispenses Most types of Fiber
  • Wide Range of Feed Rates
  • Exceptional Accuracy

Our Bulk Dispenser utilizes our proprietary Loss-In-Weight technology.  Once the fiber is metered and dispensed, it can be delivered by Direct Gravity Feed, Pneumatic Conveying (plant air is required) or Self Powered Blower System.

Mobile Bulk Fiber Dispensers

We can design any of our Bulk Dispensers in a Mobile Application.  Contact us for details.

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