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Volumetric Fiber Dispensers

Our Patented Volumetric Fiber Dispensers include our Intro Model and our Slurry Seal Model

The Patented Slurry Seal Fiber Dispenser provides an “on-demand” solution to adding fiber to your slurry seal and micro surfacing projects.
  • High Speed Hydraulic Motor
  • Uniquely Designed Cutter Head
  • Inductive Sensor allows you to select a broad range of fiber dispensed as a percentage of dry aggregate or as a specified feed rate. 
  • Continuous Feed Slurry Seal Fiber Roving that is Alkali Resistant and will not deteriorate in the aggressive lime and Portland cement environments. 
  • Provides cut lengths of: .25”, .5”, .75” and 1” lengths

The Patented Intro Fiber Dispenser is designed for Volumetric Concrete Trucks and provides an “on-demand” solution for adding fiber to your concrete mix. It is simple and easy to install and can be adapted onto any truck with four bolts and a ¼” air line. Key features include:
  • Better quality control with automatic fiber chopping and dosing
  • High Capacity (each bobbin holds approximately 41 pounds) 
  • No fiber bags inventory to be kept in the truck 
  • Flexibility and accuracy (ability to change the fiber dosing on-site according to job specifications) 
  • Compact size 
  • Easy to install 
  • Maintenance-free 
  • Cost efficient

Polypropylene Fiber Dispenser

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